Azure Advisor Cost Optimization workbook

Azure cost optimization is a crucial topic for lots of organizations, as it allows them to maximize their return on investment by efficiently utilizing cloud resources. There are lots of guidance on how to optimize your spend on Azure by leveraging different features and capabilities and also applying best practices. In large environments with thousands of different Azure resources, it can be challenging to identify those opportunities to optimize cost.

We have recently published the Azure Cost Optimization workbook in Azure Advisor which serves as a centralized hub for some of the most commonly used tools that can help you drive utilization and efficiency goals. It offers a range of recommendations, including Azure Advisor cost recommendations, identification of idle resources, and management of improperly deallocated Virtual Machines. Additionally, it provides insights into using Azure Hybrid benefit options for Windows, Linux, and SQL databases. The workbook template is available in Azure Advisor gallery now. To access the workbook, navigate to the Workbooks tab in Azure Advisor.

Screenshot showing the workbook in Azure advisor

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